Hi, I am Brett.

Like many I came to pottery late in life, hanging with my kids while they did ceramics during the isolation and disruption of the pandemic. Over the last few years what started as stress relief and time away from screens has evolved into a practice of peace and flow. Through it I have found two things that were missing from my life: purpose in the act of making something both functional and creative, and joy in its everyday use.

I appreciate that in pottery one literally centers, each movement matters and accumulates into the finished product, and imperfections become what make the work beautiful. Working with my hands grounds me and connects me with the past. I have grown respect and admiration for the skill and design of those who practiced this art over thousands of years, meeting the same needs we have today.

In pottery I have found an outlet for my passion, obsessive approach to creating, and eye for detail. I treasure the simple pleasures of having tea in my favorite mug, breakfast in a bowl that feels just right, and a delicious meal on plates that complement it. My goal is to make things for people to love and pursue the sense of purpose and joy that comes with it.